Our story

AKI oil lamps are the creation of Animacontemporanea – a small, independent Italian brand established in 2014 to produce pieces for scared spaces and meditation areas. It evolved from a third-generation family company first founded in 1958.
Oil lamps have occupied a special place for thousands of years. They offer light and comfort, they transcend cultures and traditions, and they play a central role in many rituals and stories.
Inspired by our love of glass and pure, simple forms, we have reimagined these ancient vessels for the modern world – a world where our homes are our sanctuaries, our time is precious, and many of us are searching for balance and harmony.
The name AKIis Japanese and means ‘sparkle’,‘bright’ and ‘hope’. It can also signify ‘autumn’ – a season whose golden light and long shadows evoke the warm, tranquil atmosphere that our lamps create.

Our purpose

We help people improve their spiritual wellness and rediscover the power of simple, meaningful objects. We encourage personal rituals that form connections between our physical surroundings and our inner selves, and we inspire a holistic approach that supports self-care and reflection.

Our beliefs & values

We believe that nurturing our souls is as important as caring for our bodies and minds.
For us, spirituality isn’t about a particular religion or deity. It’s about exploring our emotions, listening to our inner voices and finding intentional moments that enrich our everyday lives. It differs from person to person, but whatever form it takes, it’s as vital to our overall wellbeing as our physical and mental health.
We believe that less is more, and that by stripping away excesses we can find peace and fulfilment in our homes and our daily routines.
We believe in seeking a balance between formand function, and in producing beautiful, long-lasting pieces that will bring light and joy for years to come.
We believe in kindness, fairness and loyalty. In reducing our impact on the planet and our consumption of its natural resources. And in respecting and preserving the skills of the past while adapting them to suit contemporary needs.

Our team

AKI founder and designer Laura has always had a questioning mind and an imaginative flair.
Growing up in the mountains of northern Italy, she was surrounded by nature and exposed to the artistry of local crafts people through the family business.
Her fascination with shape, colour and materials stems from childhood days spent helping in the workshop, exploring the countryside, writing in her journal and listening to her grandfather’s many stories. This curiosity and creativity, combined with her personal take on spirituality, have shaped Animacontemporanea and now AKI.
Laura is supported by an international team of contributors, suppliers and partners, all of whom bring diverse experience and perspectives from their own cultures and traditions.