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Rituals for Inner Quiet

A ritual is a routine that we perform mindfully and with intention. We bring quality to it, as opposed to the million other daily actions we do on auto-pilot (brush teeth, get dressed, unload dishwasher). Big or small, a ritual is a sacred moment with ourselves. It can be as simple as drinking coffe ...

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A journey into the light

Light is essential to our existence. Without it, there would be no plants, no crops, no animals, no us. For thousands of years, the rhythm of human life was dictated by light – by sunrise, sunset, the moon and, later, by fire. Nowadays, the prevalence of electricity means it’s easy to t ...

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The oil lamp: a story

The story of the oil lamp is an epic one. It journeys across continents and spans millennia. It transcends different cultures and traditions. And it all starts in the Stone Age, more than 15,000 years ago… Chapter one: the first sparkIn the very beginning, humans relied on fires ...

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My name is Aki

WHO am I? I am AKI WHAT am I? I am a glass oil lamp – a modern interpretation of an ancient vessel, with a contemporary geometric form and pure, shimmering colours. WHERE did I come from? I was designed in Italy and handcrafted in the Cz ...

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AKI the oil lamp

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