My name is Aki

WHO am I?

I am AKI

WHAT am I?

I am a glass oil lamp – a modern interpretation of an ancient vessel, with a contemporary geometric form and pure, shimmering colours.

WHERE did I come from?

I was designed in Italy and handcrafted in the Czech Republic, but my story goes much deeper than that. I have existed in various guises for thousands of years, and across numerous cultures and traditions. I speak many different languages, and I come from many different places. But although I have a long and varied past, I always look to the future. I have adapted to suit contemporary spaces and tastes, and to respond to 21st-century needs. I am old, yet forever young.

I am also deeply rooted in nature. Its forests, seas, rivers, mountains, lakes and plains inspired my shape, the materials I am made from and the many beautiful hues I wear. And a respect for nature and its resources drives how I behave, how I am marketed and distributed, and how I am produced.

WHEN should you use me?

You can use me whenever and wherever you want: in your home, at gatherings, in meditation and wellness settings. I am very adaptable, but I particularly enjoy forming part of your personal daily rituals. You can light me at the start or end of your day, when you meditate, when you write in your journal, when you soak in the bath or sit down to read. How is entirely up to you! 

WHY am I here?

I am here to help you enhance your spiritual wellbeing. To find beauty, harmony and joy in your everyday life. To step away from haste and noise, slow down, breathe more deeply and enjoy some precious time to yourself. To look inwards, ask yourself questions and explore your emotions. To experience stillness, silence and tranquillity. To form a connection between your inner self and your physical surroundings.

In short, I am here to help you nurture your mind, body and soul.  
AKI the oil lamp

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